Part I: Education Intensive, ARISE® 3-Day Continuing Care with Intervention Workshop

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Can be taken:

  • By experienced interventionists choosing to learn a new model
  • Therapists, clinicians, counselors, administrators as a general course with continuing educational credits
  • As the first step toward becoming a Certified ARISE® Interventionist (CAI)

The 3-day, on site, experiential intensive ARISE® workshops are offered three times each year throughout the US by the ARISE® Network in collaboration with our sponsoring organizations.

  • The Part I curriculum provides a theoretical overview of:
    • The origins of addiction
    • The relationship of trauma and loss to addiction, behavioral health and mental health issues
    • The role of families in recovery from addiction and mental health challenges
    • An overview of the 3 intervention models accepted by PCB for CIP certification
    • ARISE® research and outcome data
    • An overview of neurobiology and addiction
    • Professional ethics
  • Participants are eligible for 28 NAADAC- and PCB-approved Continuing Education Hours.
  • Participants are welcome to take Part I as a workshop. However, participants are not considered or entitled to identify themselves as ARISE® Trained or ARISE® Certified until successful completion of Part II: ARISE® Supervision. Those who took the Part I workshop may choose to complete their CAI later by taking Part II: ARISE® Supervision. Because we are constantly updating the curriculum to stay current in the field, participants must start Part II within 2 years of completing Part I or they will be required to retake it.
  • Prerequisites: None

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Part II: ARISE® Supervision

(Provided by Linking Human Systems, LLC)

ARISE® Supervision is a “mini-externship” in which interns test and hone their understanding of the theory and process introduced in Part I. During Supervision, interns practice the method of ARISE® Intervention and Continuing Care for the first time under the guidance of an experienced supervisor. ARISE® Supervision is essential for sufficiently implementing the ARISE® Intervention tools, as well as replicating the high rates of success that make ARISE® an Evidence-Based, Best Practice intervention. All ARISE® cases seen during your CAI training must be supervised by an ARISE® Supervisor.

There are two levels of CAI Certification:

  1. Certified ARISE® Interventionist I (CAI-I): To become a CAI-I, you must complete one supervised case (may be an actual or hypothetical case) and a minimum of 12 group supervision calls to the satisfaction of your supervisor. Participants are not considered or entitled to denote themselves as ARISE® Trained or ARISE® Certified until completion of this step.
  2. Certified ARISE® Interventionist II (CAI-II): To become a CAI-II, you must complete a second case (must be an actual case) well into Continuing Care to the satisfaction of your supervisor.

(Please note you have two years from the date of your training to complete your certification before you need to take an ARISE® refresher course. New information is continually being added to ARISE® trainings to reflect ongoing developments in the field.) 

ARISE® Group and Individual Supervision

Following completion of Part I, ARISE® Supervision is conducted over the phone with an approved ARISE® Supervisor. ARISE® interns are responsible for generating their own intervention clients, although obtaining certification as CAI-I does not require completion of any live cases. We offer ARISE® supervision in two formats: group and individual supervision.

What happens in Group Supervision?

  • After you purchase Group Supervision for a period of 6 months or 12 months, you will be placed in a group with approximately 10 other interns.
  • You will also receive a welcome packet with several sample documents for use during your cases, including a Sample Contract, Sample Release of Information Form, and an initial letter to potential clients.
  • Once you have a case, you will submit weekly contact logs to record interactions and developments with the family.
  • Every group has a weekly, one-hour call to discuss their cases with the entire group and their supervisor. Interns can learn and brainstorm together as a group while receiving guidance and feedback from their supervisor.
  • Supervision does not include shadowing an experienced CAI or having a supervisor present during sessions with clients.

What happens in Individual Supervision?

  • Individual Supervision can be purchased by interns who would like to have one-on-one phone calls with their supervisor to discuss their cases. Hours can be purchased in 1-hour blocks and used in 15-minute increments.
  • Interns can utilize Individual Supervision in addition to or instead of Group Supervision.
  • Supervision does not include shadowing an experienced CAI or having a supervisor present during sessions with clients. However, this can be arranged through the ARISE® office for a fee.
  • Logistics and scheduling of Individual Supervision are coordinated by contacting the ARISE® Coordinator at:

Certified ARISE® Interventionists can also purchase group or individual supervision as needed for complex casework. Information about supervision pricing can be found here.


  1. Completion of Part I: Educational Intensive
  2. Proof of liability/malpractice insurance
  3. Proof of clinical licensure OR membership to a professional organization with a governing body of ethics (such as AIS)

ARISE® Consultation with ARISE® Trainer

(Provided by Linking Human Systems, LCC)

  • ARISE® trainers are industry experts who have years of experience in the fields of addiction and mental health, dual diagnosis, and chronic and relapsing physical and mental health.
  • If you are a professional working with challenging individuals and families, our ARISE® trainers are here to support you, whether you have taken our training or not.
  • Consultation can be purchased in 1-hour blocks and can be used in 15-minute increments.
  • Prerequisites: Must be a licensed professional or a CAI-II

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